Think N Play Preschool -
Available Positions
Think N Play Preschool is accepting applications for "Substitute Teacher" and part-time "Office Assistant". Priority will be given to those holding a CDA or working towards a CDA in the near future. Those interested may email a brief "Bio" to the Director and call the Director (Betty Wright) at 407-657-7091 for further information or you can now apply online. If you apply online you will receive an email with the information provided. It is advisible to call the Director (Betty Wright) at 407-657-7091 to find out if further information is needed. There is a place on the application where you can add a Cover Letter and/or a Resume if interested. Completly fill out the application to the best of your ability. When finished click "Submit". You will not have a chance to correct or add information once submitted. The application will not be processed without a valid E-Mail address.

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