Think N Play Preschool -
Age 2 years: The Dragonfly Class

Dragonfly Children expand their vocabulary extensively by Singing, Storytelling, and Communicating with the teacher / classmates. Children expand their social skills development playing in the Dramatic Play Center, playing in the Blocks Center, and frequent personal interaction between the teacher and other children. They continue developing their five senses through Art Projects, Painting, Sand & Water Table, and Cooking Projects. Dragonfly children continue their gross motor (major muscle groups such as legs & arms) development when Dancing, Hopping, Running, and Jumping. Dragonfly children have much fun learning numbers and letters. The Teacher reinforces knowledge of colors and shapes through use of folder games, puzzles, and other activities. The variety of Dragonfly class work is far too extensive and changing to list everything.

The Dragonfly Teacher is responsible for teaching and caring for each child using the highest quality standards known - both physically and mentally. The Dragonfly Teacher is responsible for providing a safe learning environment in which interesting activities are enjoyed while learning progresses. This is another exciting time in your child's life. One in which our Dragonfly Teacher promotes to its fullest. The Dragonfly Teacher also keeps parents informed of their child's development and applicable diaper/pull-up, wipes, and clothing change needs.

Parents are expected to provide diapers or pull-ups, wipes, and a change of clothes as may be needed. Also, we encourage arrival before 8:30 am as that is the time we serve breakfast. Of course, parents may arrive sooner even as we open at 6:30 am or they may serve breakfast before coming each morning. Learning for children is a continuous process at Think N Play Preschool beginning with your child's arrival whenever that is; but, please be aware that breakfast is over and classroom activities begin at 9 am.

Children are not allowed in the facility while sick, so we strongly encourage parents to follow the same high-quality healthy standards at home as we follow at school. Each day lost is a lost opportunity to learn a bit more. If a parent wants, the Director will take private time to answer questions and provide guidance. Any guidance she may provide will help the child and that helps us all.

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