Think N Play Preschool - Acceditation
Think N Play Preschool is committed to having the best learning environment possible for our students. Accreditation is one of the ways that a parent can be assured that we are reaching this goal. Centers that are accredited are certain to have well-qualified teachers and up-to-date teaching techniques and materials. We hold the APPLE (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment) accreditation through FACCM (Florida Association for Child Care Management). We were among the first 35 in the nation to achieve this accreditation and have maintained it ever since.

The process for a preschool to become accredited is difficult and time consuming; however it is worth all the time and cost that are involved to obtain this credential. The initial phase takes 1-2 years of self-study and completing a huge book of forms. The book is examined by the accrediting committee. If we pass (which we always have) we are ready for step 2. This involves having a validator sent from the accrediting office to observe, question, inspect. This inspection checks health and safety, administration and other staff, curriculum, playgrounds, classrooms and more. Every inch and every paper is looked at. If we pass this (and again we always have) we are ready for step 3. Step 3 is where the committee decides if we individually and as a school are worthy of accreditation. Our director can show you our application book if you are interested.

We are also inspected by ITERS (Infant and Toddlers Environmental Rating Scale) and ECERS (Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale). We rate among the top 30% in Seminole County on these scales. Due to our excellence, we also receive the Gold Seal from the State of Florida.

All of these previous accolades are well above the DCF (Department of Children and Families) requirements for a child care center.

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